Our Aim

Our motto at Dr. Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic is –

“Every patient is important & no symptom is too trivial.”

We aim at spreading the benefits of homœopathy as a patient-friendly, safe and effective system on a global level. Our clinic is a one-stop place where an integrated approach including diagnosis, counselling, dietary recommendation & homœopathic treatment is available under one roof. Monitoring is done by our team of experienced homoeopaths at all our clinics, under the expert guidance of Dr. Sujata Naik.

The cases that are not under homœopathic purview are appropriately referred to the concerned specialists, sparing the patient any loss of time and effort. We have also entered the field of research & clinical trials, making homœopathy more evidence-based and transparent thus merging it with mainstream medicine.