Our Doctors


Dr. Pranjali Gothiwarekar

Chief Assistant Doctor

With over a decade of experience, Dr Pranjali is a great team leader, both industrious and efficient. Her excellent administration skills ensure that all the operations run smoothly. She is instrumental in seamless management of all the clinics.


Dr. Manju Gupta

The seniormost homoeopath in the team with 25 years of experience, Dr Manju is also the Finance Head. An efficient expert at minimizing costs with maximum output, her skills are multi-pronged.


Dr. Namita Nagwekar

Head of Bandra Clinic

Extremely goal-oriented, intelligent and enterprising, Dr Namita is very efficient in handling patients and their queries. She has been in charge of the Bandra Clinic since the last 7 years.


Dr. Monisha Gajwani

Head of Mulund Clinic

A crucial member of the team since the last 6 years, Dr Monisha is soft-spoken, humble and affectionate. Her excellent communication skills certainly help her manage the large crowds in the Mulund Clinic most efficiently.


Dr. Runali Kelwalkar

Head of Prabhadevi Clinic

With an extremely interactive personality, Dr Runali is a master at handling intricate cases. She has been with the team for over 3 years now and is always prepared to take on new challenges.


Dr. Shubha Padiyar

A senior homoeopath at the Mulund Clinic for the last 7 years, Dr Shubha is sincere and soft- spoken. Her steadfastness and integrity towards the clinic and the profession is unsurpassable.


Dr. Aparna Kamath

Enthusiastic, dynamic and always willing to take on responsibilities, is how we can begin to describe Dr Aparna. Her seniority and her dedication have played a crucial role in the progress of the Mulund Clinic.


Dr. Jyotsna Shelar

Working at the Mulund Clinic for 6 years now, Dr Jyotsna is always smiling and cheerful. Her sincerity and hard work is noteworthy.


Dr. Priti Dubey

Part of the Mulund Clinic since 5 years, Dr Priti is the in-house tech wizard. She is always open to learning and expanding her horizons.


Dr. Sheetal Parmar

Steadfast with a quiet strength, are qualities that make Dr Sheetal stand apart. She has been at the Prabhadevi Clinic for the past 3 years.


Dr. Vaidehi Joshi

Charismatic, candid and loyal, Dr Vaidehi has been with the Bandra Clinic for 2 years now. Her enthusiasm and willingness to learn makes her an important part of the team.


Dr. Shweta Sawant

An Assistant at the Prabhadevi Clinic, Dr Shweta is soft-spoken and patient-friendly with a readiness to take on new tasks.


Dr. Sayali Tilak

A highly talented doctor, Dr Sayali has been a part of the team for 2 years now. Her vibrant personality is enhanced by her good communication skills.