Chilpun Camp - Our Dervan Journey

Dr. Sujata Naik dreams of spreading the homœopathic therapy to the grass root level. As a part of this objective, Dr. Sujata Naik and her team have been conducting homœopathic camps every month at B. K. L. Walawalkar hospital, Dervan, in the rural region of Konkan, Maharashtra, for the last five years.

From the first camp itself, the response from the patients has been very encouraging. More than 100 patients have visited these monthly camps where medicines and consultations are provided free of cost. Homœopathy being safe, effective, easy to take and economical, is rapidly gaining popularity as the choice of treatment among patients in this region.

On 17th November 2018, Dr. Naik and her team held their 51st camp at Dervan. The camp was a huge success with hundreds of patients receiving homœopathic treatment for various complaints. Patients came in hordes not only from the surrounding rural areas but also from as far as Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districts after having experienced the benefits of homœopathy. The response from women was overwhelming and the numbers of children and the senior citizens followed.

Due to contributing factors like the coastal climate and low-socio economic strata, a higher incidence of skin complaints including fungal infections, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and Vitiligo has been seen. Also, respiratory disorders like bronchial asthma, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections and digestive system disorders viz. gastritis, colitis, piles, and anal fissures have also been sighted. In the pediatric age group, anaemia, upper respiratory diseases, worm infestations are the leading ailments.

In this journey spanning five years, Dr. Sujata Naik and her team have made successful inroads in bringing in homoeopathy to a region where it was unheard of. This has inspired her to expand her horizons. On 18th November 2018, Dr. Sujata Naik and her team held the first homœopathy camp at Walawalkar Trust’s Urban Health and Training Centre in Chiplun. The response from patients with the support from all the doctors and authorities of BKLW hospital was very encouraging. This has prompted Dr Sujata naik and her team of doctors to aim at holding one camp each at Dervan and Chiplun on every third Saturday of the month. To have homœopathy as a treatment protocol in a hitherto conventional hospital has been truly rewarding.

Research paper presentation at Liverpool

Dr. Sujata Naik was invited in the latter half of 2018 to read her research paper on Management of fungal infections at a rural set up, at Faculty of Homeopathy Congress 2018, Liverpool, UK. Her talk was generously appreciated by all the attendees.

73rd LMHI Congress 2018 at Cape town

Dr. Sujata Naik was recently invited to present her research work at 73rd LMHI Congress 2018 held at Cape town, South Africa. Her talk on her work `Homoeopathic approach to treatment of resistant cases of Tinea at a community hospital in rural Maharashtra’ was received with standing ovation.

Another study `Role of Homoeopathy in management of radiation induced oral Mucositis’ was presented by Dr. Naik, along with her assistants Dr. Manju Gupta and Dr. Sayali Tilak, in a poster format session. It was the most visited poster in the exhibition.

LMHI Congress is a prestigious International Homoeopathy Conference held every year representing homoeopathic physicians from more than 70 countries.

Dr. Naik’s work on resistant Tinea (a fungal infection) was specially mentioned and appreciated as it flagged the Congress motto - Contributing to Sustainable Healthcare.


The field of medicine is a never ending learning process.

We, at Dr. Sujata Naik’s Homoeopathy Clinic, believe that we really owe it to our patients to only offer them the best medical care, and therefore we will have to keep up with the latest developments and information in our field of practice.

So, in keeping up with our tradition of conducting quarterly ‘Continuing Medical Education’ sessions (C.M.E), the first CME of 2018 was held on 15th February 2018 at the Prabhadevi Branch of Dr. Sujata Naik’s Homoeopathy Clinic.

The topic of the CME was “Cough-pathophysiology, differential diagnosis and comparative materia medica”. This time, the format of the CME was a quiz competition, which was quite unlike the formats of the previous CME’s which used to be case presentations, discussion of difficult cases or a seminar/lecture by eminent speakers from the concerned medical specialties.

The doctors were divided into three teams, the quiz competition comprised of four rounds, wherein Dr. Naik covered practically all the aspects of cough and its therapeutics. After these four intense rounds of quizzing, a tie ensued between Team B and Team C and after a nail biting tie- breaker question, the ultimate winner was Team C!

Also the annual awards were announced. The Best Doctor award was bagged by Dr. Sayali Tilak while the Best Compounder award went to Mrs. Pratibha Mayekar. The Best Clinic award was won by the Prabhadevi branch.

The C.M.E was followed by delicious snacks including the famous Batata vada (Hope you remember Dr. Sujata Naik’s Health Tip about Batata vada?!we totally practice what we preach!) These quarterly held C.M.E.s not only help in upgrading the knowledge and resolving difficult cases but also makes the bonds between every team member stronger. As Dr. Naik, herself says that success is the natural consequence of good teamwork.

Some moments from the C.M.E..

Success at the AYUSH conference:

Dr Sujata Naik won the first prize at the interactive Research Poster competition at the First International Conference on Alternative Medicine for AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy).

Dr Sujata Naik's presentation at the interactive Research Poster Research competition, was a retrospective study on Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Since the theme was lifestyle disorders management, she chose PCOS - a common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age, largely induced by a faulty lifestyle. All the patients were cases from her clinics, studied and monitored for over a year.

Dr Sujata attributes this success to the active contribution from her team and blessings of all well wishers.

At Dr Sujata Naik's Homeopathic Clinic, we ensure that there is a celebration in every little step we take. As we evolve, we cherish these moments and keep working towards more.

Book launch:

Dr Sujata's first book - The Wellness Shots - was officially launched at Kitab Khana in Mumbai, on January 17th, 2017. Well-attended by avid readers and subscribers of this popular book store in south Mumbai, the evening saw Dr Sujata unraveling her bestseller. The audience sat in rapt attention as she read out some of the choicest tips from her already famous collection. As more and more queued up for the author's autograph, they wanted to hear the stories that led to these shots in wellness.

About the book: A series of daily wellness tips, that started off as ideas striking at the spur of the moment, The Wellness Shots has become a popular tool in spreading health awareness. Inspirational and based on Dr Sujata's own observations and experiences, this book is certainly a handy health reference for every home.

Available online, The Wellness Shots published by Notion Press, Chennai, is also being sold at 12 different book stores across the country. It has also featured well at the New Delhi World Book Fair and the Chennai Book Fair. Dr Sujata is now in the process of penning her next title in the Wellness series of books.