"Homœopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demand of this age better than any other system or school of medicine."
--Dr Charles Menninger, MD

The world health community faces its greatest challenge ever of this millennium – the paradox being, an increase in the average life span on one hand, and simultaneous proliferation of newer and deadlier diseases on the other. Discovery of newer, powerful and suppressive drugs treat the outward symptoms without addressing the root cause. This root cause, in a majority of cases, is hereditary, genetic or a deficiency of the auto-immune system, which has then led to the emergence of more morbid and virulent diseases. There are innumerable cases of eczema treated with topical corticosteroids, which cause the outward `itch’ to disappear, leaving a more serious arthritis or asthma in its place. Antibiotics and steroids are no doubt life-saving drugs, yet their random and excess use has led to the weakening of the natural immune system. Besides, rampant use of stronger and stronger drugs have led to mutant strains of viruses and bacteria causing antibiotic resistance. No wonder, there is a resurgence of malaria, dengue, influenza and tuberculosis. Small pox, plague, whooping cough and scarlet fever assumed to have been wiped off, have made a dangerous comeback. Proliferation of fertility clinics with sperm and ova banks has led to tampering of nature, enabling the passing on of flawed DNA resulting in an increase of inherited genetic disorders.

In addition to the above, the physical, emotional and environmental stress on the constitution has weakened the ability of the body to heal itself. More and more money is poured into the production of expensive nutrition products and yet, deficiency disorders are on the rise.

Homœopathy is a holistic, alternative and complementary system of medicine which can restore the physical and spiritual well-being of the constitution safely and painlessly. It does not suppress the disease and works with the body’s innate healing power.

At Dr Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic, we believe in promoting homœopathy as a therapeutic system of this century, for preventive healthcare. Our clinic is a one stop shop for patients’ every health need including diagnosis, investigations, lifestyle management, dietary advice and medicinal treatment. Those patients not within the purview of homœopathic treatment are appropriately referred to the concerned specialists, saving them time and money.

We encourage the use of homœopathy in minor infections and acute ailments, and as the foremost system of healing in chronic diseases. Our aim is also to provide an effective, supportive therapy in severe fulminant infections, for pre-operative and post-operative conditions and palliative care in terminally ill patients. This approach has given us tremendous success in reducing the morbidity of the disease condition and helping the patient lead a productive and emotionally fulfilling life. People who have been treated with homœopathy from early childhood are shown to have better resistance and grow up to be more balanced and happy individuals. As their immunities are not suppressed, they respond better to the primary line of antibiotics or other conventional medicines when the need arises.

At Dr Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic, we believe in standardization and transparency in the practice of homœopathy, without compromising on its core principles. Our approach being totally patient-centric, we recognize the need of integrating homœopathy with modern medicine and other healing systems, to provide the best quality healthcare to each and every patient.