About Us

“Good health is the best long term investment you can make in life. Invest in your good health with homœopathy.”

Dr. Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic has been successfully treating patients for more than 25 years now. Dr Sujata’s deep knowledge of homœopathy, empathetic approach towards patients and diagnostic skills have helped build a loyal patient base.

Patients of all age groups depend on Dr Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic for all their treatment requirements. Dr Sujata is specially a favourite with the kids who call her the “Sweet Pills Doctor”. People from all walks of life – from celebrities to middle class families, from infants to geriatrics are regular patients at Dr. Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic.

Dr. Sujata Naik’s Homœopathy Clinic was launched in Mulund, over two decades ago. Since then the Clinic has expanded to two strategic locations in Mumbai - Bandra and Prabhadevi. Dr Sujata divides her time between the three clinics and personally sees each patient. A dedicated team of expert homoeopaths help her in efficiently running the 8 am - 8 pm clinics.

Counselling about lifestyle management, diet and health awareness is an integral part of the treatment process. A facility for online consultation and home delivery of medicines is also available, if required.

In addition to the three clinics, Dr Sujata Naik holds homœopathy camps every month in Derwan, a small village near Chiplun, in Maharashtra. These camps have proved to be very popular, bringing in patients of all ages from the village and also the neighbouring villages.

Dr Sujata has been a pioneer in popularizing homœopathy at the grass root level.