Homœopathy is a perfect example of nano pharmacology. The effect of homœopathy medicines is akin to the effect of vaccination. The substance which is toxic in large quantities is therapeutic when given in minute quantities. When the remedy is administered, it stimulates the production of T-cells (defence cells), thus triggering the immune system to help itself to fight back the disease. However, unlike vaccines, homœopathy remedies are diluted to an extent where there is practically no material substance left. The dilution is done through a unique process called “dynamisation” or “potentisation” enhancing the therapeutic power of the remedy, without causing any harmful side effects.

Homœopathy works on the principle of individualisation where remedies are customised according to the patient’s constitution. Remedies are given, not to suppress, but to eliminate the disease from its root. In chronic / long-standing diseases, the immunity may be suppressed to an extent where, it may take some time for the homœopathic remedy to show result.

However, in acute cases, we have quick-acting remedies which can give instant results. Except in cases which require surgical intervention and in acute emergencies, homœopathy has a positive role in practically every aspect of healthcare.

Homœopathic medicines are derived from substances which occur in nature viz. (plants, minerals & animal sources). Steroids are chemical compounds or alkaloids manufactured in laboratories. Steroids are not compatible with homœopathy in any way. The accurate homœopathic remedy acts by catalysing the body’s immune response to fight the disease.

Homeopathic pills are derived from lactose (sugar of milk). Besides, our medicines can also be dispensed in liquid & trituration form which are devoid of even natural sugar.

Homœopathic medicines are derived from natural sources and are devoid of any chemicals. Hence they do not cause any toxic side effects. It is therefore safe for consumption by infants, pregnant women and old people.

Homœopathy is one of the most patient-friendly systems of therapeutics.

By and large, homœopathic medicines do not cause any aggravation. In long-standing cases or in hyper-sensitive patients, there might be an initial flare up of the chief complaints which settle immediately, on their own.

Homœopathic remedies do not cause any drug interaction with any other medicines. We will not ask you to stop your existing medicine abruptly. However, some medicines may be tapered gradually once the desired result is achieved. Do not stop any medication unless advised by your doctor.

Homœopathy is a scientific rational system of medicine based on fundamental principles of nature. It targets the mind body connection and works with the body’s defenses thus helping the constitution to heal itself. The very fact that it’s so popular and effective in infants as well as animals, belies the misconception of it being mere placebo.