Many homœopathic remedies offer quick and effective relief as first aid, either by themselves or as a support to allopathy in emergencies. Some examples:

Aconite: For any sudden fever, cold, cough or runny nose which comes on after exposure to dry, cold weather, it can avert a major infection if given at the outset.

Belladona: The leading anti-inflammatory for high fever, acute pain, intense headache and toothache, take it before you pop in your Combiflam / Ibulgesic / Meftal.

Arnica: The leading anti-injury remedy, it is excellent in treating blunt injuries, to prevent bruising, bodyache after physical exertion and even post-surgery or dental extraction.

Nux Vomica: For abdominal colic, constipation after late nights and ailments due to irregular lifestyle, it is excellent to cure a hangover or jet lag too. 

Arsenic album: The first choice for symptoms arising from food poisoning and infections, indicated when the patient is extremely anxious and restless with the fever, it may prevent the need of antibiotics if given in time. 

Rhus Tox: The best first aid for sprains, strains and dislocations, it is a pain killer and muscle relaxant rolled into one. 

Apis: In case of bee stings or insect bites, it will reduce the pain and inflammation instantly. It is also useful in urinary tract infections if given at the onset of infection.

Chamomila:  A shrieking, bawling baby, a bad toothache, unbearable menstrual colic...this remedy can calm all.

Carbo veg: The Homœopathic antacid, in case of heartburn and belching from rich, spicy food, this delivers a remarkable relief with just a few doses. 

Antimony tart: A gentle bronchodilator, it is very effective in rattling, congestive coughs. 

All the above medicines can be taken safely as indicated in a moderate potency like 30 C.

It should be available at your neighborhood pharmacy. Use them freely ...you will be surprised at their quick effective action.

Experience for yourself this sweet and gentle route to wellness!!