A 26-year-old male patient consulted Dr Sujata’s team in November 2013 for palmoplantar dermatitis which he was suffering from...


Many homœopathic remedies offer quick and effective relief as first aid, either by themselves or as a support to allopathy in emergencies.

New Approach to Homoeopathy

"Homœopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demand of this age better than any other system or school of medicine." Dr Charles Menninger, MD

The world health community faces its greatest challenge ever of this millennium – the paradox being, an increase in the average life span on one hand, and simultaneous proliferation of newer and deadlier diseases on the other. Discovery of newer, powerful and suppressive drugs treat the outward symptoms without addressing the root cause.

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The Homoeopathic Solution To Antibiotic Resistance

With antibiotic resistance becoming a serious global threat, the recent World Antibiotic Awareness Week (13-19 November 2017) run by the World Health Organization has been focused on its theme – Seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics. In agreement with this, here is how homoeopathy can give solutions to antibiotic resistance.

Homoeopathic medicines do not directly attack the micro-organisms; rather, they improve the innate immunity when given prophylactically. Homoeopathic medicines act as immuno-modulators, thereby preventing the onset of infections. If the person contracts the disease, the indicated homoeopathic remedy can abort the symptoms or even minimize and shorten the disease process while giving quick symptomatic relief. When given during convalescence, they also help to bring back the patient`s energy levels and feeling of wellbeing in a shorter span of time.

At Dr.Sujata Naik’s Homoeopathic Clinic, we feel greatly responsible in our duty towards minimizing this modern day menace,that is Antibiotic Resistance. During the last epidemic where a large population was afflicted with deadly strains of dengue, swine-flu and several viral infections, timely homoeopathic remedies helped to curb the epidemic.

In a survey carried out at our clinics, following the distribution of the indicated prophylactic remedy to 575 patients, 390 patients remained asymptomatic. The remaining 185 developed symptoms were quickly alleviated by the indicated homoeopathic remedy in 125 patients, while the remaining resorted to conventional treatment. Of this, only 6 needed hospitalization. The most interesting feature is that the ones who took conventional therapy responded to routine antibiotics, not requiring stronger medicines.

We strongly recommend Homoeopathy as a safe and effective treatment for prevention and management of acute viral infections.